Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tri-5 Chevy

I took today off, and spent it with my lovely wife. The first part, was at the contractors expo, making contacts for the new business. We then stopped by the Seattle Design Center in Georgtown. It is huge. We then stopped at Art Morrison in Fife, which is the premier frame builder for older cars and trucks. Two of the main disadvantages of old cars, is they don't handle well, and won't stop, because they have poor breaks. His frames use modern design so they will handle like a modern sports car and have modern brakes so they will stop. You would then have all the options for what pieces you would bolt on. Then there would be the motor and tranny you would get and bolt in. The tire and wheel size have many options. They recommend 17" wheels. Then there is the body, I am on the search for a 55 or 56 chevy, if any knows of one.
The tri-5 is for 55, 56, 57 chevies.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This my first entry

Well, here I am leeping into the 21st century, the guy who hadn't touched a computer until college. I do make my living in the computer industry, and until recently was the Firewall, DNS and one of the Comm guys on a network with 3K Nodes. My love is woodworking and home repair, there will be posts in the future. I will include a stuffy picture taken at work.